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May 22, 2023
How much does it cost to ship freight?
We will need to know the specifics of the goods and where you want to ship to before we can tell you the price of transporting your freight with Amazon. Create your shipper account with us today to get an instant freight quote
How are freight costs calculated?
The price of transporting road freight is determined by various factors that can depend on the costs to the carrier, the nature of the cargo, and other external influences. Here are some of the influences affecting the price of transporting road freight:
Common factors
The main factor that determines road freight pricing is the weight of the cargo, alongside the dimensions of the consignment. This is calculated using the volumetric weight (kg). If the total volumetric weight exceeds the weight in kilograms, this will be the basis of the price for shipping.

For instance, two freight trucks may be carrying an identical amount of boxes, but the contents may differ in total mass despite the volume being the same (for example, one truck may be carrying boxes of styrofoam, and the other dry cement). To charge a fair price for each shipment would mean taking into account both volumetric and gross weight — the boxes of cement will have a greater total weight than the styrofoam, and should therefore be charged more.

The cost of freight shipping typically increases with the length of the journey. For instance, it will be more expensive to send a truckload of cargo from Exeter to Glasgow than between Manchester and Merseyside.

The faster you want to ship your freight, the higher the price of transportation will be.

Heavy and/or risky and dangerous goods may be harder to ship, and typically result in higher rates.

Type of cargo
The total price also depends on the freight classification of the cargo being transported. This is determined by the nature of the goods, density, total value and whether it needs particular equipment to load, or requires any other precautions. More fragile products are less dense, and therefore have higher classifications.

If you are shipping items that are at higher risk of damage or theft, this can increase the total haulage cost.

Toll charges
Drivers often encounter toll charges en route when using highways and other roads, adding to the total cost of transporting freight.

External factors
Freight costs are influenced by the general price of fuel, but also the distance covered and the efficiency of the vehicle used. This was the biggest driver behind vehicle operation costs in 2022 due to disruptions to global energy prices.

As a competitive, low-margin industry, the freight industry is highly responsive to changes in demand. When demand for freight services is low, rates are likely to be lowered. When demand spikes, prices typically rise.

Driver shortages
There is currently a shortage of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) in both the UK due to a number of influences. Changes to training and licensing, the knock-on effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitics have created a shortfall in total drivers. This puts more pressure on existing truckers and raises prices.

Events and disturbances to the global supply chain also affect freight costs. Delays, cancellations, congestion and material shortages all increase the time it takes to ship road freight, leading to longer waiting times and increasing total fuel consumption.

Full truckload vs. Less-than-truckload pricing
Vendors who need to transport road freight with Amazon have the option of both full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. The former is where goods are exclusively loaded onto one truck, and the latter is where you share the space with another shipper.

Since it offers more space to shippers, FTL is more costly as it requires a dedicated truck to transport the entire shipment. While this does provide greater protection for the cargo, it also requires larger and more expensive trailers to ship compared to LTL shipments, which is passed on to the shipper at higher rates.
How are freight costs calculated?
When you ship with Amazon Freight, you can expect competitive freight pricing for a reliable and hassle-free shipping service. Once you have opened your shipper account and provided us with your shipment details, we'll provide you with an instant quote. You can also inquire with us about cost breakdowns to get an insight into how we calculate expenses for each stage of the shipping process. For any queries about our pricing, contact us at freight-uk-interest@amazon.com. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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