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We blend advanced technology with Amazon's network of 6,500+ owned trailers and 13,000+ trusted carrier partners across UK & EU to move freight-simply and reliably. For your freight needs, partner with Amazon to meet the demands of today to help you navigate the road ahead. Click on the links below to read in details about our Full Truckload, Less than Truckload and Drop & Hook services.
Full Truckload (FTL)
Book FTL to any Amazon Fulfillment Centre or destination not owned or operated by Amazon across the United Kingdom
Drop and Hook
Book drop and hook serivces to any Amazon Fulfillment Centre or destination not owned or operated by Amazon across the United Kingdom
Less than Truckload (LTL)
Book LTL to a range of Amazon Fulfillment Centres across the United Kingdom
Edit Shipment
Shippers can now amend bookings before delivery with our easy edit option via the booking portal. Find how to edit shipments here.
full truckload booking guide
When a large order comes in and you need to ship in bulk, you’ll want to entrust the task with a carrier who knows how to get your freight to its destination with care. The Amazon Freight portal lets you book a load for either less-than-truckload (LTL) for inbound deliveries to Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FCs), and full truckload (FTL) shipments (please note: LTL is currently available in the UK only).
Why ship your freight with us
Before you book, it’s FTL booking (something where we support multiple equipment types, pan EU coverage, cross-border, pallet exchange). and LTL booking (only UK with limited coverage, only inbound, only standard equipment type, no cross border and no pallet exchange)

Booking freight online with us is easy — here’s how you can do it in six simple steps.
Six quick steps to shipping
Before you jump in to booking your freight through our UK or EU website, make sure you have in mind the specifications of what you need to ship: where it’s going, when you want it picked up, and any additional information. The following guide describes how to book freight loads for both FTL and LTL shipping, and we have made a note where the steps may vary.
1. Select “New Quote”
To get a new quote, enter the Freight portal and click on the shipments tab in the navigation bar to the left, then click the “New Quote” button. Shippers can also use the “Copy Shipment” feature to replicate previously booked shipments for when they repeat orders using the same lane.
2. Choose your locations
Here you can specify if your shipment is going to an Amazon Facility or not. If so, choose from the Fulfilment Centre Node Codes in the dropdown. You can fill in any saved locations from “Shipping Locations” and addresses will be pre-populated in the quote page. Input the zip code to calculate the quote, and if you choose to accept, you then go on to include the full address on the booking page. Save the new location (along with facility opening hours) before proceeding to schedule your pickup.
3. Arrange your pickup date
You will then be presented with a calendar view of FTL or LTL spot rates (available in UK only). Choose your preferred pickup date to proceed with the shipment booking process. Click “Save and continue with FTL”.

Pickup slots
Please note that Amazon Freight requires a 24-hour lead time for FTL orders. For LTL, an order must be booked before 1pm to qualify for next day pick-up. FTL shipments require a lead time of 24 hours.

Pickups take place 24/7 from Monday to Sunday for FTL and between 08:00 am and 05:00 pm Monday to Friday for LTL. Amazon Freight does not operate on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Amazon Fulfilment centres do not operate on Easter Sunday, however, Amazon Freight is open for booking.
4. Add driver instructions
Proceed to book your shipment, entering any additional pickup and delivery location details. Before you select any pickup or delivery date/time, you will need to save any new location along with facility opening hours. Once you have saved these details, the facility pickup times are saved for validation. Make sure you choose a pickup time during the hours your facility is open. For any special requirements, ensure that you specify customised instructions for your delivery driver.
5. Specify units and preferences
Please ensure commodity details are accurate to avoid delays or rejected loads:
Specify the handling units, select your FTL equipment preference and provide the reference number that we can use to reference your shipment.
For Inbound LTL shipments, specify the pallet information and provide the reference number. It will be displayed on your BOL and invoice. Please make sure to provide the PO number and the ASN/FBA number to avoid any chargebacks due to mismatches with PO or ASN.
6. Click “Book”
You’re all set — all that’s left is to click “Book shipment”. If you want to save a quote for later, click “Save Quote” to store in the ‘Shipments’ section on the left. As a reminder, you will receive an email confirming your pickup date and time.
Booking FAQs
What do I need to prepare before my shipment pickup?
Both the road to your location and the yard space needs to be of sufficient space to allow for safe manoeuvring of standard articulated trailers. For a smooth packing process, smart packing is essential. Ensure the load is well-balanced, with heavy items placed at the bottom of the pallet.

Avoid trip hazards by making sure no items protrude over the pallet edges. To properly secure the load, use stretch wrapping. For precision, ensure that all labels are clearly visible, preferably on the upper left corner of the pallet.
Will you help me load the trailer?
You are responsible for loading the trailer. Please ensure that you are able to load the trailer with the relevant equipment. Amazon Freight does not provide any equipment to support loading. You can get ahead of your pickup by making time to try out some smart packing methods.
Where can I find my Amazon Reference ID?
When you need to ship with Amazon, you will receive an Amazon Reference Id/ PO and FBA/ ASN number through the Seller Central portal. This code is mandatory, and it is strongly recommended that you add an ASN/FBA number. That way, we can book appointments for shipment delivery at Amazon Fulfilment Centres.
What is the maximum size for freight shipments?
The articulated trailer dimensions of our vehicles are: Length 13.6 m/Width 2.4 m/Height 2.6m. Our services include dedicated GPS-tracked 13.6m single deck trailer with max 2.6m internal height. EU pallets have preset length and width: 120cm length x 100cm width. For FTL pallet shipments within the EU, shippers will also have access to Amazon’s Pallet Exchange Program.
What if I need to cancel my shipment?
You may cancel a shipment 2 hours prior to pickup for FTL shipments and 8 hours prior to pickup for LTL shipments, you can locate your shipment in the Booked tab of the Shipments page, select the “More Actions (…)” menu then View Shipment Details, and then select the “More Actions (…)” menu again and select Edit Shipment. You can then Delete Shipment.

For more of your questions answered, please visit our FAQs page.
Drop and Hook FAQs
What types of freight are suitable for drop and hook?
Amazon Freight’s services are not restricted by the type of product you want to ship, other than fresh food.
What are the typical costs of drop and hook?
Drop & Hook typically costs 10-30% higher than live loading and trailer rental cost.
What if my trailer is not picked up or dropped off on time?
If drivers show up in shippers’ facility without a new empty trailer and picks-up the full trailer, we can reposition a trailer within 6 hours.
How do I sign up as a drop and hook shipper?
You can sign up for Drop and Hook by setting up a contracted lane with their Account Manager. They assess your eligibility criteria based on region, length of haul for their lanes, what type equipment is needed, and the ability of engineers to enter the facility for maintenance if there are any requirements for them to do so.
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