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Drop and Hook Freight Services
When evaluating which freight transport is right for their company, most shippers consider how reliable and how fast their freight can move. This makes the flow of cargo through the supply chain one of the top priorities for the freight industry.

Amazon Freight’s drop & hook services help our customers drive transport efficiencies for quicker final-mile deliveries. But what does it mean, exactly? Read on to find out.
Drop and hook freight
Drop & hook is quite straightforward. Shippers or carriers “drop” one pre-loaded trailer at a warehouse or fulfilment centre, and “hook” a new one from the same source. The process is seamless, and usually happens inside one lorry yard or a yard nearby.

If you need to exchange a specific truck or trailer, we can arrange that for you. Starting with your details and the type of freight you need to ship, we’ll match you with the right carrier partner for your drop and hook loads.
Our services
• Dedicated lanes
• Spot loads
Why shippers use it
Drop and hook trucking is practical for shippers who have consistent and predictable demand for freight shipments. Often, they are operating at scale—delivering high-volume shipments and expanding their business or trying to optimise their supply chain processes.

An alternative to this method is “live loads”. Here the driver needs to make a stop and wait as their trailer is loaded/unloaded. Since drop and hook helps cut down on these wait times, it not only boosts driver efficiency but helps lower the risk of detention charges.
Benefits of drop and hook
Using drop and hook, shippers and drivers get:

• More efficient load scheduling
• Fewer time constraints i.e. delivery windows
• Lower labour costs
• Reduced risk of damages

These benefits still demand some planning and preparation, including longer lead times. Shippers need to know that a driver will be dropping and hooking from one load to another in their warehouse, centre or yard.
If you’re interested in seeing how Amazon Freight’s drop and hook services can support you, contact us today. If you have any queries, feel free to send them to us at freight-uk-interest@amazon.com. One of our team members will be happy to chat with you.
What types of freight are suitable for drop and hook?
Amazon Freight’s services are not restricted by the type of product you want to ship, other than fresh food.
What are the typical costs of drop and hook?
Drop & Hook typically costs 10-30% higher than live loading and trailer rental cost.
What if my trailer is not picked up or dropped off on time?
If drivers show up in shippers’ facility without a new empty trailer and picks-up the full trailer, we can reposition a trailer within 6 hours.
How do I sign up as a drop and hook shipper?
You can sign up for Drop and Hook by setting up a contracted lane with their Account Manager. They assess your eligibility criteria based on region, length of haul for their lanes, what type equipment is needed, and the ability of engineers to enter the facility for maintenance if there are any requirements for them to do so.
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