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Edit FTL Shipments
Shippers transporting freight to Amazon FCs can make changes to their booked full-truckload shipments. Through the edit function on the Amazon portal, shippers will be able to change their:

• Pickup number
• Commodity description, weight, package type, number of packages, number of units
• Purchase order number
• Total shipment value
• Shipper reference number
• Package type (UK/EU)
• ASN/FBA number (UK/EU)

Once edits are made, they can re-book the shipment with the updated details — at no extra cost or effect on the pickup date.
How it works
After users have rebooked, we will:
1. Update the FC appointment details (not the date or time) with the change in any appointment details, e.g. handling unit, number of handling units, purchase orders, ASN/FBA numbers
2. Update any changes in attributes on the R4D app
3. Update the CMR document
How to edit your shipment
If your circumstances have changed or you’ve forgotten an important detail after you’ve already booked your freight journey, don’t worry — there are two ways to edit an existing booking:
Method 1
1. On the left-hand corner of the website, click on the shipments tab.
2. Select the booked shipment you want to edit from the list, and click on the shipment ID on the left-hand side of the page. This will take you to the shipment tracking page.
3. On the shipment tracking page, in the right corner, you should see an “Edit shipment” button. This will take you through to the booking page.
4. Once on the booking page, you can proceed to update the values and fields you want to change.
5. After you’ve made your changes, simply click on “save changes” to finish editing.
Method 2
1. On the left-hand corner of the website page, click on the shipment tab. This will show you the list of all recently booked shipments.
2. Click on the shipment that you want to edit. At the right corner of each shipment, you will see three dots (...)
3. Click on the three 3 dots. You should see a drop-down list of options, including “Edit Shipment”
4. This will redirect you to the booking page, where you can proceed to make your changes.
5. After you have made the changes, finish editing by clicking the “save changes” button.
What is the cut-off time for editing bookings?
Shippers can edit their shipment details up to two hours before pickup.
Can I edit any type of shipments?
No. Shippers can only change full truckload (FTL) inbound and off-Amazon shipments. For off-Amazon FTL shipments, shippers can still edit the location of fulfillment.
Can I change my pick-up date?
Shippers can only change the attributes of the shipment—not the date or time.
Can I edit the origin or destination of the shipment after booking?
No. Shippers are only able to edit the details of the shipment, not the pickup or drop-off location.
If you’re interested in seeing how Amazon Freight’s edit shipment services can support you, contact us today. If you have any queries, feel free to send them to us at freight-uk-interest@amazon.com. One of our team members will be happy to chat with you.

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