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LTL freight shipments
Shipping palletised freight can often be unnecessarily time-consuming and costly. The Amazon Freight less-than-truckload shipping service (otherwise known as LTL) — is the best choice to ship LTL shipments Inbound to Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

Instead of booking entire trucks, you can simply request a pick-up of pallets. Amazon Freight has no minimum pallet limit, and can pick up a single pallet if that’s all you need. We also offer single pick-ups for multiple FC destinations, ensuring more efficient shipment handling. If you need to send your pallets to multiple destinations, we can do that in a single pickup. If you’re looking to book FTL also, this can be done from the same portal as LTL. Amazon Freight focuses on delivering freight with minimal fuss, giving you the time and space you need to best serve your customers.
What is LTL shipping?
LTL shipping involves transporting freight on pallets that will not fill a trailer i.e. fewer pallets than full-truckload. The shipper will pay for an amount of storage space needed in the trailer, and the rest of the unoccupied space can be filled with the freight of other shippers.
This way, freight orders can be combined by LTL carriers according to the requirements of different shippers, allowing for more eco-efficient freight delivery
Benefits of LTL freight shipping
LTL is well-suited for freight cargo that can be palletised but does not require the full volume in a trailer. Instead, it provides a cost-effective solution that accommodates shipments of a range of weights and sizes, making sure that you can send only as many pallets as you want, rather than booking a full-truckload (FTL). You can also send pallets to multiple destinations in a single pick-up. With Amazon Freight LTL freight shipping, you’ll receive:
Get full visibility of the Fulfilment Centre (FC) network health, ensuring more efficient shipment handling and tracking for your inbound shipments through our web portal.
We can book slots for you at Amazon FCs, allowing us to optimise our service around your ordering patterns, reducing push-outs and delivery times. If you want to book a load today for tomorrow’s pickup, you can do so via the AF website.
24/7 Support
Our support teams are setup to provide you with 24/7* load tracking, with frequent shippers also benefiting from dedicated account management.

*(Excluding 25th of Dec and 1st of Jan).
Competitive pricing
When it comes to freight quotes, LTL shippers get spot prices for lanes instantly—with no hidden fees. Or, they can speak directly to a member of the team to get the best contracted rate.
We’re with you for the long haul, and we never reject a load. Once we’ve accepted your order, we’re committed to delivering your shipment.
How do I book LTL loads?
For all LTL loads available, you can book your loads through Amazon Freight website by creating your account today. Anything booked after 12pm will be picked-up in two days. Pick-ups take place anytime between 9:00am – 5:00pm from Monday to Friday, with our Shipper Support team on-hand to assist with your shipment and will respond to your booking within 2 hours of submission. You will receive an order confirmation within the same day of your booking, confirming your pick-up date.

Your shipment will then be collected as per the date in your order confirmation. PRO labels will be provided to you in the booking confirmation email. You will then be required to prepare your shipment as per the FC inbound requirements, printing your PRO labels and attaching them to the pallets. Vendors can find the guidelines in their vendor manual. Sellers can find it in seller central. For further information, take a look at our guide to LTL booking.
Important information for LTL delivery services
The loading window is one hour and collections are live loading. The number of pallets specified on the order form should match your actual load quantity in order to avoid rejection and order cancellation. Please ensure you provide accurate order information when placing your order.

For collections, please ensure your loads are palletized. Disruptions to your shipments may occur should you not follow the correct process. We try to guarantee a collection date for delivery within three days of pickup, assuming that the shipment is palletised and labelled correctly, the exact pickup time is communicated one day prior to the pick-up.
Why ship with Amazon Freight?
When you choose freight shipping with us, each and every pallet receives due care and attention, and will be measured against Amazon standards at each stage of the supply chain network. Plus, you get competitive and fully-transparent spot and contract rates, and our easy to use online system gives you visibility and control over booking, managing and processing payment.

There is no minimum threshold for the number of pallets you can ship. You also have the option of receiving a free lane-pricing analysis before you’ve even placed your first freight shipment. Create a Shipper Account today to start using Amazon Freight’s LTL delivery service.

In case you have any queries, please drop us mail at freight-eu-interest@amazon.com with your LTL volumes and our sales team will contact you. LTL services currently operate in the UK only.
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View our free PDF on how the LTL program works.

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