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An Amazon freight electric trailer parked on asphalt road on a cloudy day
LTL & FTL Peak Performance
Amazon Freight’s peak performance data shows the progress we made in 2023. Read on to find out how we’re making freight easy and hassle-free.
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Aerial view of an Amazon freight intermodal train crossing border to fulfill delivery, with forest and bridge in background
Amazon has grown its use of rail and sea transportation in Europe by 50% in 2023
We’re partnering with European carriers to move products via more than 100 rail lanes. Find out more here.
An aerial view of a freight shipping dock yard using sea transportation for amazon sea cargo with stacked containers in the background
Carbon Savings With Intermodal Shipping
Intermodal is an increasingly popular option for freight transport, but there’s more shippers can do to maximise carbon offsetting. Find out more here.
A driver holding a GPS navigation device mounted on their vehicle's dashboard. The GPS screen shows a map with the vehicle's current location highlighted along with the route.
The Difference Between First, Middle and Last-Mile Logistics
There are many different stages to consider for freight logistics. Find out more about first, middle and last mile delivery here with Amazon Freight.
Aerial drone view of a commercial trucking yard with numerous semi-trailers and cargo containers waiting to be towed or transported.
What is a Transportation Management System?
TMS technology allows shippers to boost efficiency and improve delivery speeds. Let’s explore how this functions, why it could help your business.
Amazon Freight trucking yard with multiple trucks at the loading dock
How to Optimise Your Supply Chain
Logistics can be complex, and recent years have brought unprecedented supply chain disruptions around the world.
 Shows containers being loaded from trucks onto trains and ships, and then transferred between trains, ships and trucks at intermodal terminals.
What is Intermodal Freight Shipping?
The European freight market is huge. In 2022, road freight transport across the EU was
estimated to be over 13.6 billion tonnes.
an Amazon Freight truck driver waving from the driver's seat of their vehicle. The driver is smiling as they wave with their right hand out the open driver's side window to someone who is wearing a high-visibility yellow vest outside the truck.
What is retail logistics?
Logistics in the retail industry has come a long way in the last two decades. Amazon has been behind the changing face of customer experience over many years
An aerial or drone view of an Amazon freight fulfillment center for middle mile delivery with pallet shelves and stacked pallets
What is middle mile delivery?
There are many logistics stages for shippers to consider when moving freight. Read our article about the lesser-known middle mile delivery here.
Fulfilment centre with stacked packages with employee using hand pallet truck onto the back of a truck
What is Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)?
If you’ve worked with Amazon before for our other logistics services, you may be wondering: can I get FBA inbound shipments with Amazon Freight?

A close-up photo of the head and shoulders of a truck driver wearing an Amazon Freight partner cap and a high-visibility vest . The royal blue cap has the Amazon Freight logo embroidered. He is shaking another workers hand
What is freight forwarding?
Many shippers often find themselves with large cargo to haul, but find the logistics process of delivering to customers causes a strain on their cash flow.
Haulage: The Ultimate Guide
Freight pricing guide
The price of transporting road freight is determined by various factors that can depend on the costs to the carrier, the nature of the cargo, and other external influences.

Graphic illustration of Amazon freight restricted items e.g. perishables, batteries, lighters, electronics
Prohibited & Restricted items
When you need to move your goods efficiently and smoothly, Amazon Freight can help. Through our self-service portal, you can tap into Amazon’s network and transport your full truckload freight.
Haulage: The Ultimate Guide
How to get a quote with Amazon Freight in 3 easy steps
When you need to move your goods efficiently and smoothly, Amazon Freight can help. Through our self-service portal, you can tap into Amazon’s network and transport your full truckload freight.
Wind turbines turning amidst a sunflower field on a sunny day showing sustainable energy
Amazon sets a new record for most renewable energy purchased by a single company
Our renewable energy portfolio now totals more than 20 GW.

Haulage: The Ultimate Guide
Haulage: The Ultimate Guide
The haulage industry is an important cog to transporting goods by road. Read our guide to find out everything you need to know about haulage.
Amazon Freight trailer carrying a load
Freight Brokers: All You Need to Know
The job of the freight broker is to pair shippers with carriers who can transport their cargo, ensuring the pickup is secure and cost-effective for the former
A woman using a laptop computer to access the Amazon Freight Portal, an online platform for managing Amazon shipping and logistics.
Achieve Freight Optimisation & Efficiency
mDesign’s today, one of the US’s top Amazon sellers of home décor and home goods.
Fulfilment centre employee loading sealed pallets onto the back of a truck
How to Ship Palletised Freight
Shipping palletised freight is often time-consuming and costly when it doesn’t need to be.

Amazon employee in sort center placing packages on conveyor belt
How Amazon is reducing packaging
From reducing packaging to increasing the use of materials that can be easily recycled, Amazon is committed to reinventing how orders are shipped for the good of customers and the planet.

Amazon Freight trailer carrying a load
Amazon to invest more than €1 billion to electrify its European transportation network
Amazon’s investment is intended to help spark innovation in zero-emission vehicles and encourage the deployment of public charging to reduce emissions.
Solar panel farm on a sunny day showing sustainable and alternative energy
Amazon announces 71 new renewable energy projects
Amazon has surpassed 100 renewable energy projects across Europe, with 202 projects also in North America, 57 in Asia-Pacific, and its first project in Latin America.
Aerial view of green forest with tall tress
Amazon invests in green hydrogen companies
The Climate Pledge Fund’s latest investments in green hydrogen will help reduce global carbon emissions from heavy-duty transport and industries such as steel production.
Peak tips graphic
Preparing a Pallet for Shipping: 4 Step Guide
For a safe and smooth freight journey, shippers often use palletised packaging. Read our step-by-step guide on how to prepare your pallet for shipping.
Two branded Amazon Freight fully electric HGV trucks parked side by side
Amazon unveils first-ever fully electric heavy goods vehicles in its UK fleet
Another step towards Amazon's goal to be net-zero carbon by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement's goal.
2 Amazon employees working to do freight insurance calculations
Freight Insurance
Amazon Freight is the hassle-free and secure option for shippers. Unfortunately, moving freight cargo is not always free from risk.
Amazon Freight partner standing in front of branded truck smiling
What is Amazon Freight ?
Amazon Freight offers transport logistics solutions to retail businesses of various sizes looking to ship freight via road transport.
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